What is global education?

Global Education is a novel approach to educating our students in a way that promotes tolerance, collaboration and innovation.  As a college-readiness high school, Takoma Academy endeavors to provide its students with the global competencies necessary to succeed in an ever-evolving world and workforce.  Our administrators and teachers strive to provide our students with the kinds of 21st century skills that will ensure their success in a world that is far more interconnected than it was just a few years ago.

Becoming globally competent means possessing a willingness to explore and accept new ideas about people and places that will allow an individual to thrive in a world that is becoming increasingly more interconnected while simultaneously becoming more diverse.  A globally competent student needs to see the world as one solid entity that is dependent on the actions of individuals who might me miles away. Global competency involves having a reflective attitude, not on just local issues, but on those issues that affect others abroad.  One of Takoma Academy’s missions is to instill a sense of service in our students that will translate into actions that help improve the lives of others.  That reflection and the realization that all humans are related generates empathy and a desire to improve the well-being of every citizen on our planet.

If Takoma Academy is to be a true reflection of the coming kingdom of heaven, it needs to embrace and promote a more global attitude towards education. Some of the major goals of global education should be to help students develop understandings of the interdependence among nations in the world today, clarified attitudes toward other nations, and reflective identifications with the world community.  Building global competencies must be a goal for Takoma Academy if we truly want to prepare our students to compete in a an environment that is becoming more dynamic every day.

This site will provide resources for educators to assess global competencies on the STUDY page.  It will also provide local and international learning opportunities and resources for teachers on the TEACH page.  Visitors to this page can also view my BLOG captured during my field experience in Peru as a reference point for the benefits of the TGC program and others like it.

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