Teaching in Tarma

We finally arrived at our host school, Angela Moreno V. Galvez.  It is a secondary Catholic school for girls with about 600 students.  School hours are 7 am to 1 pm M-W and 1 pm to 6 pm on Tuesday and Thursday. Clever translated for us since most of the girls spoke very little English.  They asked plenty of questions, though.  Most of the questions were about American culture- common foods, leisure activities, tourist sites, Donald Trump, the immigration crisis, popular dances and our schools.  Elise and I taught 11 different sections over the 4 days, running from class to class when the bell rang.  In Tarma, the teachers move, which is a bit different from our school system.  It was a great experience!  After each class, all the students wanted to do was take “selfies!”  By the end of the week, Elise and I both agreed that we would never want to be celebrities.  The picture-taking was just too much! LOL!

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