The Egg Drop Challenge- Peruvian Style!

Elise and I are both high school biology teachers.  We spent so much time talking about American culture that we were dying to do some experiments.  We suggested the marshmallow tower and egg drop challenge for one of our lessons.  Something must have gotten lost in translation.  When we arrived at Clever’s former school, the entire student body and staff were waiting to participate!  It was a good thing that we brought plenty of supplies.  After the staff fed us breakfast, the fun began. We had 12 student teams and one team of school staff competing in the challenges.  For the marshmallow tower, the challenge was to build the tallest free-standing structure using just marshmallows and toothpicks.  For the egg drop challenge, each team needed to use the materials that we provided to build a contraption that would prevent their egg from cracking after being dropped from a particular height.  Of course, it was my idea to drop it from the second floor (Egg drop video)!  Who would have thought that such a simple engineering experiment would generate so much excitement and enthusiasm? Talk about maximum participation and engagement.  Max trekked all the way from Lima to join us.  We had a blast!


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